Chicago is the largest city in the midwest and the 3rd most populous in the USA with over 2.8 million residents but its metro area referred to as Chicagoland is home to 9.7 million people.

Globally recognised Chicago has attracted a number of nicknames which are a reflection of opinions and impressions about Chicago.  The best known include Chi-town, Windy City and the City of Big Shoulders its also known as the most American of the big cities.

Chicago lies within a humid climate zone and experiences the four distinctive seasons with warm and humid summers and cold, windy and showy winters.  The city of Chicago can experience extreme winter cold spells that may last for several days.

Similar to New York City, the streets of Chicago are laid out in a street grid and the city ordinance required them to be 8 streets to the mile in one direction and 16 streets to the mile in the other direction.

Chicago Sports

Chicago is the only city in the US that has more than one Major League Baseball franchise with the Chicago Cubs of the National League and the Chicago White Sox of the America League.  The Chicago Bulls of the NBA are one of the most recognisable basketball teams in the world with Michael Jordan leading them in the 1990s to 6 NBA championships.  The Chicago Blackhawks are their National Hockey League team who are the 2009-10 Stanley Cup champions and winners of a total of 4 Stanley cups.

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