Chicago Band LogoChicago was a true American rock band that was formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1967 and had a steady stream of hits in the 70s and 80s.  Chicago is one of the most successful and longest running US rock & roll groups with over 38 million albums sold.

Chicago current band members

  • Robert Lamm
  • James Pankow
  • Lee Loughnane
  • Walter Parazaider
  • Jason Scheff
  • Tris Imboden
  • Keith Howland
  • Lou Pardini

Chicago former band members

  • Terry Kath
  • Peter Cetera
  • Danny Seraphine
  • Laudir de Oliveira
  • Donnie Dacus
  • Bill Champlin
  • Chris Pinnick
  • Dawayne Bailey

Chicago released a number of albums over the years made up of studio, live and finally compilation albums.  After the first album release “Chicago Transit Authority” the band’s name was shortened to Chicago when the CTA threatened legal action.

Chicago Studio albums

  • The Chicago Transit Authority (I)
  • Chicago (II)
  • Chicago III
  • Chicago V
  • Chicago VI
  • Chicago VII
  • Chicago VIII
  • Chicago X
  • Chicago XI
  • Hot Streets (XII)
  • Chicago 13
  • Chicago XIV
  • Chicago 16
  • Chicago 17
  • Chicago 18
  • Chicago 19
  • Twenty 1
  • Night & Day Big Band (XXII)
  • Chicago XXV: The Christmas Album
  • Chicago XXX
  • Chicago XXXII: Stone of Sisyphus

Chicago Live albums

  • Chicago at Carnegie Hall (IV)
  • Live in Japan
  • Chicago XXVI: Live in Concert

Chicago Compilations

  • Chicago IX – Chicago’s Greatest Hits
  • Greatest Hits, Volume II (XV)
  • Take Me Back to Chicago
  • Greatest Hits 1982-1989 (XX)
  • Group Portrait
  • The Heart of Chicago 1967-1997 (XXIII)
  • The Heart of Chicago 1967-1998 Volume II (XXIV)
  • The Very Best of: Only the Beginning (XXVII)
  • The Box (XXVIII) · Love Songs (XXIX)
  • The Best of Chicago: 40th Anniversary Edition (XXXI)

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